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MagSurvey Land Survey Possibilities

MagSurvey's smaller scale modes of operation are ideal for land survey operation.  MagSurvey software can allow real-time land magnetometer surveys involving a smaller crew, far fewer man hours, and a shorter time to completion.  It is now possible to use MagSurvey with certain metal detectors, as well.

One possible configuration is to backpack-mount a battery pack and a magnetometer control unit.  A magnetometer sensor and one of the small, display-less GPS receivers could mount on a pole attached to the backpack, and the surveyor might hand carry a TabletPC.  See the other sections of this document for full discussion of the various equipment mentioned.  The computer is connected by one or two USB or serial port cables and, optionally, a cable carrying external battery power to the PC.  Once turned-on, it should not be necessary to access any of the GPS or magnetometer controls or displays.

Certain metal detectors can be substituted for the magnetometer equipment mentioned above.  COMING SOON:  the small TargetSpy Metal Detector Interface cable module will be available for use with most metal detectors that have audio output through a headphone jack -- this should eliminate the need for the backpack and battery pack for metal detector surveys.

In any application where the PC is in close proximity to the GPS receiver, the magnetometer sensor, or the metal detector, it is recommended that any unused PC communications such as WiFi or BlueTooth be deactivated, if possible to do so.

If possible, conduct surveys outdoors with a good view of the surrounding sky, and with a minimum of surrounding structures or dense, tall vegetation.  When performing surveys, the operator should strive to maintain a clear shot from the GPS antenna to the appropriate high-above-equator, WAAS differential correction satellite.  In the US, the direction to the main geo-stationary satellite (#51) ranges from southwest (on the east coast), to south-southeast (on the west coast).  If Require-Differential-Corrections mode is set, MagSurvey will not plot anomalies unless a strong position is obtained, and the initial satellite acquisition can take extra time (there is a MagSurvey option to not require the differential corrections). 

These devices have not been tested by PSI to determine if their magnetic signatures are low enough for close-proximity, hand-carried use.  However, the free downloadable MagSurvey evaluation software allows prospective customers to fully test all hardware configurations before purchasing the MagSurvey software.

As always, MagSurvey's real-time 3D and 2D displays are immediately accessible with a single button click  -- great for navigation and for determining if areas have been missed -- also ideal for accurately returning to a point of interest.

Comments and suggestions on MagSurvey products are always welcomed.

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