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Evaluating and Ordering MagSurvey Software

Downloading the Free MagSurvey Evaluation Software

A substantially-functional evaluation copy of MagSurvey may be downloaded free of charge from this website and tested for compatibility with your magnetometer, GPS, and computer equipment.  This free evaluation copy allows limited surveys, and is capable of being activated to a fully-functional program upon license purchase.  Complete documentation is included.  Please read the MagSurvey information posted on this website (most of which is also available from the MagSurvey program under Help, MagSurvey Manual, as well as the printed manual file, MagSurvey.doc).

Click here to download a free evaluation copy of MagSurvey 3D   The installation files (approximately 2.7 MB) will be downloaded to your computer into your default download subdirectory (for example, C:\America Online\download).  The simple installation process will begin automatically, and it is recommended that you use the default settings presented (Please note that MagSurvey has never harmed any computer -- be persistent with the installation to bypass the warnings that Microsoft automatically imposes on third-party software -- see the MagSurvey Installation page for more details).
Note that some versions of Microsoft Windows can, at any time, install the incorrect software driver for HMI-class serial equipment, such as certain GPS and magnetometer equipment.  This is NOT a MagSurvey problem -- it can affect all software used with serial equipment.  For an explanation and fix, follow this link:  WildCursorAndClicks .
After installation, you will have access to the following files in the MagSurvey folder on the C: drive . . . 


Click on MagSurvey.exe to run the marine or land survey program


Click on MagSurvey.hlp to view the on-screen operating manual (this is a standard help file -- newer Windows versions need permission to be granted for use).


Click on MagSurvey.doc to view or print this manual with a word processing program.  Can be used as a help file if electing not to go through the permissions process with later Windows versions.


Example plots D20021216T151200.csv and C20021216T151200.csv are included that may be loaded and viewed by MagSurvey, or imported into an Excel or compatible spreadsheet.  These files open in large-scale mode and small-scale mode, respectively.

When in the MagSurvey program, you can "Load for Review" the appropriate example plot and experiment with the variety of 3D display modes incorporated into MagSurvey.

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Ordering a Complete Version of MagSurvey

MagSurvey Pricing    MagSurvey is sold for operation on a single computer.  Companies and individuals are entitled to a discount on additional licenses after their first purchase.  A license key will be provided by phone or e-mail that will enable full operation with both the marine and land survey versions.  The license allows any future software upgrades to be downloaded free of charge from this website.  This website includes all software and documentation -- the entry of the license key converts an evaluation version of MagSurvey to a full-capability, licensed version.

New Reduced Price of MagSurvey license     $295
Cost of each additional MagSurvey license     $195

Payment may be made by check or money order to Donald O. Land.  We also accept popular credit cards through the secure PayPal service (click the PayPal logo below).

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